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Are you ready for the arrival of natural gas?

Know your options.

If you’re reading this, then you’re more than likely aware that Natural Gas is coming to your area. This is great news, that's been a long time coming, 

but it doesn’t mean that Natural Gas is the only choice for you.

Home heating/cooling typically accounts for 60% of your household energy use. This means picking the right home comfort solution is a big deal for you and your family.


This website has been designed by locally owned Edward Fuels to give you a better understanding of the options for heating and cooling your home. For some residents, connecting to Natural Gas may be the obvious choice. Of course we can install the latest technology for you, but there may be other options like the ultra efficient Mitsubishi Heat Pump that may be a better option for your home.

Use this website to start the process of evaluating your home comfort needs. Of course you can call us any time. We’re local and we truly care.

Book your free home comfort assessment

We'll come to you, on your schedule and walk you through the options. 


Brought to you by Edward Fuels

Serving Huron & Bruce since 1968.

Meet the Edward Fuels team

Meet the Edward Fuels team

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See why Edward Fuels is the choice for local people looking for a proven house comfort solution.
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