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Wanna see our ads?

We made some funny ads. Well we thought they were funny...

Home comfort is one of those things that can sometimes be put in the pile of "I don't care" or "geez that's boring". It's not generally something that normal people, like you, think about. For us though, it's all we think about!


That's why we made the fart joke ads. We want to make you laugh and then make you think about your home comfort needs - today and into the future.

The arrival of natural gas will have many local people, like you, assessing their home comfort needs. This is great, but we think it's only fair that you are made aware of all your options.

At Edward Fuels, we are certified to supply you with all your home comfort needs. This means we are home comfort experts and are not biased to any of the options for your home comfort needs.

Gas is coming (Zoom call)

Gas is coming (Zoom call)

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For those who have forgotten to press the mute button, this video is for you!