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What the heck is a heat pump?

Good question.

Firstly... what the heck is a Heat pump? The name is quite confusing but it just might be THE right solution for your home comfort needs.

Although the name seems old fashioned (and confusing), heat pumps are the most technologically advanced option on the home comfort market. A heat pump uses electricity to operate a pump which then compresses the outside air and makes it warm in the winter and cool in the summer. The electricity is used to run the pump so it is much more efficient than trying to produce the heat itself (like a baseboard heater).


Installation Considerations

A conventional heat pump system is usually comprised of a single external unit and then several interior units to distribute the air temperature. Heat pumps can be installed into existing ducts or as a wall mounted ductless option. The ductless option is ideal for homes that don’t have ducts. The ductless option is considered the option of choice as it gives more freedom to heat individual rooms for individual preference. Typical duct work in most homes loses 20% - 40% of energy due to leakage or conduction. For this reason alone, it is simple to see why heat pumps are the most efficient option for home comfort.


Environmental Impact

For many years, electricity has been perceived as a dirty energy source (burning coal) and an inefficient option for home heating. With the advancement of technology for producing electricity (nuclear and renewables), and improved heat pump technology, heat pumps are the greenest and most efficient option available - leading to tremendous savings in monthly operational costs. Ontario has the cleanest electricity in the world - if you’re concerned about your carbon footprint, this is hands-down the option for you! Heat pumps use up to 30% less energy than conventional systems which make them a very attractive offer both financially and environmentally.

Lifestyle Impact

Heat pumps are the preferred choice for home owners looking for a simple home comfort solution. As long as electricity is running to your home, your home comfort needs will be met. With the added bonus of providing air-conditioning in the summer - heat pumps really are hard to beat. The system is very quiet-running at only 19 decibels (the level of a whisper) and runs constantly to ensure a consistent home temperature and maximum cost savings.


Placing a unit in each room allows a more refined approach to home comfort and allows each member of the household to set their desired temperature. With sensor technology, the units can direct the energy to specific places within a room. Built in air purifying systems cleans the air ensuring your family enjoys quality clean air throughout your home.

In a nutshell

  • The leading technology for home comfort

  • Utilizes Ontario’s “cleanest electricity in the world”

  • Ductless option allows for easy installation and variable temperature settings

  • Easy to live with - simply plug and play



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